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How To: Make Your Content more Share-Friendly


If you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating great content for your website, you’ll want to make sure it gets read. One of the most common ways to promote blog or website content is with social media. The idea is that your content will not only be read and distributed amongst your direct network of followers, but that they will then share this with their own friends and followers. If your content gets shared, it could reach a potentially unlimited online audience. While writing quality content is one way to encourage this process, there are a few other factors to take into consideration that could make your posts more likely to be shared.

Proofread your Work 

You might have some great ideas, but these will get muddled if your post is filled with grammar problems and spelling errors. Although your core readership will overlook the occasional typo, your work will be far less likely to be shared if it’s riddled with errors. Take the time to proofread your work before posting.

Write about Current Topics

Today’s most viral content is timely and topical. If you have a great idea for a story based on current events but sit on it for a month, it will get lost in the shuffle. Posting frequently is a great way to build your readership, and recording your initial thoughts and reactions to current events will help you keep up with the fast pace of online conversations. This will help you to ensure that your content is not only based on keyword research, but actually relevant to your readers and their followers.

Use Catchy Titles

Modern readers tend to scan news websites and blogs, looking for titles that sound interesting. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re crafting your content. Boring, generic titles will get lost in the crowd so it’s worth taking the time to create a title that will pull readers in and make them more likely to share.

Add Eye-Catching Images

Images are a great way to make your work more reader-friendly and visually appealing. They can make your post look more professional, and can be used to illustrate a point or add humour to your article. To make the post more sharable, be sure to keep image formatting consistent for a clean and professional look.

Include Meta Descriptions and Hashtags

When your post is shared by a social media user, it will include a short description of the post pulled in from your URL’s meta description. Although this is only a small component of on page SEO, it can be important in social media because it serves as a summary to viewers. You could also think about adding an event hashtag or a reader’s Twitter handle within the title to give added visibility and encourage sharing.


Incorporate Social Media Buttons

One of the easiest ways to encourage your readers to share content is by making it as easy as possible for them. Placing social media sharing buttons with direct links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn encourages your visitors to share content with their friends at the click of a button.

With a combination of carefully thought out titles, appealing images, and timely topics, you can be sure to reel in your visitors and create the kind of content they’ll be happy to share.

What do you do to make your content more share friendly? Share it in the comments below.



10 Reasons Why You Should Make Money Online

1. Treat It As A Supplementary Income
You can always Make Money Online as a hobby at first, supplementing your real, offline job. Even if you become redundant, you’ve got yourself an income, albeit a small one at first.

2. No Initial Investment
You could start off with a free Blogger blog – it doesn’t cost you anything to start one up, except for a bit of time. Remember, time=money. The more time you spend creating your blog, the more (likely) you’ll make more money online. It’s a balance of being a couch potato on your computer all day (like ShoeMoney was) and earning thousands, or having a life and still making some money online.

3. No/Extremely Low Overheads
My overheads are exactly $7.65 per month, which is basically just the hosting and domain cost. Now compare that to starting your own McDonald’s franchise or shop, what are your overheads there? I would estimate that to be in the range of $10,000 and upwards. Now imagine what happens when you lose all your money and need to declare bankruptcy? Even if you decide to quit blogging after a while, the loss wouldn’t have of amounted to a large sum.

4. Exponential Income
My overheads have roughly stayed the same over the past few years, although my profits have risen in an exponential manner.

5. High Profit Margins
Because of your low overheads, you tend to make up to 98% of your money coming it. Your overheads are that small.

6. Show Off To Your Friends
Not many people can proudly say that Made Money Online (successfully with a profit) to their friends.  This is one of my favorite quotes:

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

It may cost you a lot of your time in the beginning (something that the majority of people are not willing to invest in), but the end rewards are huge and satisfying.

7. Only Basic Knowledge is required
Making Money Online as an investment is relatively easy to do – anyone with a bit of a technical knowledge and a bit of business know-how can easily be profitable. In fact a lot of information can be available freely online, free of charge. A simple Google search will do the job. The one basic rule that I’ve always stuck to is to never let your overheads be higher than your profits. It’s simple but it works.

8. On Autopilot
Once you’ve got your “system” running, whether its a blog, site or app, the income will keep rolling in, even after a few months of not working on it. To be honest, this blog post is the first in a year – partly due to my laziness and the amount of money still rolling in without writing anything.

9. Low Cash-Out Amount
Many companies require you to reach a certain threshold before they make a payment to you. In the online (especially the advertising and affiliate industry), these rates are normally really low, at around $50 or less. This makes it easier for just about anyone to hop on the boat and join the party. Even though your first income may be small, don’t give up. It will be double or triple that in a matter of months.

10. Easier To Evade Tax :)
You are legally responsible to declare your income to your relevant tax authority. Yes, obviously it’s easier to evade taxes online than offline. It is obvious that you can select a country other than the United States, making the (usually US-based advertising companies) ineligible to “reduce” your income with tax. You may start to feel guilty however, when you’re filling out your W-8BEN IRS form, instead of the W-9 :).

But as someone living in Hong Kong, I am not charged any Profits Tax. It is clearly stated by my Inland Revenue Department:

No tax is levied on profits arising abroad, even if they are remitted to Hong Kong.

Read your local laws first!


What’s next? Where do I start? Head over to my Make Money Online page.

Start NOW!
You may never Make Money Online within your first week, month or even year. I was paid my first check after 7(!) months of blogging, earning nothing during these 7 months. Now, I make over 10 times that amount every month.

P.S. NEVER EVER buy an eBook online. They’re all scams. Everything they tell you in them can be found online, free of charge.


Make Money Tweeting The Pro Way

If you’ve been here before, I wrote an awesome post before comparing all the Twitter Advertising networks. Here’s a few tips on how you can earn even more with these networks. I have personally received over $1200 from these networks, so I can assure you that these aren’t scams.

1. Gotta join ’em all!
That’s right. I suggest that you should sign up for all 13 of the networks, even if you don’t consider tweeting ads from all of them. Why? Sometimes, great opportunities are usually only available from an advertiser to one network only. If you can’t be bothered to sign up for all of them, just sign up for, Sponsored Tweets & MyLikes. These are the top networks.

2. Fill her up!
When joining these networks, make sure you fully enter in all your profile details, especially when choosing your Categories in MyLikes and, and entering the tags in Sponsored Tweets. This is important as many advertisers look for tweeters by searching for keywords and categories.
Applicable to: All

3. Sound like yourself!
“Yo homies check out this rad app!” might not get you many clicks if you usually tweet in a formal tone & manner. Only some networks allow you to customize the message before posting it. Also you can encourage more clicks by using vocabulary such as “Click here:” or “Check it out:” before the link.
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes

4. Keep it in the family!
Keep the ads related to your account CPC. When creating accounts, keep different accounts focused on one central topic. For example, an account called @realabsfitness will generally be about fitness and exercise, and not the latest iPods. This way, you’ll get more targeted ads and therefore, more clicks.
Applicable to: All

5. We no speak Americano!
The majority of twitter users are from the United States. Unsurprisingly, most ads target and cater to users in the U.S. You can check where the majority of your followers are located using Analytics‘ Location Overlay map. If the majority of your followers are from the United States, that’s great. If not, you should check on indivdual offers as some offers may only count clicks from United States.
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes

6. Pick the ads with the highest CPC rate
This is obvious. You should always pick the adverts with the highest Cost Per Click (CPC) rate. For example, I get paid up to $0. 48 per click on MyLikes because I choose the right advertisers. You can do the same. With 2 clicks from my followers, I can already buy a burger from McDonald’s.
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes

7. Check your email often! and MyLikes will notify you of new opportunites via email. For, these are often time limited to 24 hours. So stick close to your phone or computer! You could be missing out on opportunities!
Applicable to:, MyLikes

8. Accept all (cost per tweet) offers
I’ve received offers ranging from $20 to $300 per tweet. I’ve accepted all of them. This only applies to Cost Per Tweet ads (, Sponsored Tweets) as you typically earn more than Cost Per Click ads (MyLikes).
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets,

9. What time is it?

If possble, try to tweet at 1PM Eastern Standard Time, or at least within 11AM to 3PM EST. According to Sysmos, this is when the most Twitter activity happens during the day. You can get more clicks when there are more people on twitter at one time. Only MyLikes allows you to specific what time to post the ads.

Twitter is most active on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, and the least active on on the weekends. If every tweets while at work, I wonder if the productivity level has decreased :)
Applicable to: MyLikes

10. Multiple accounts
If you’re planning to have multiple accounts to tweet more ads, make sure you differentiate into different topics to maximize your earnings. Don’t just have 10 different accounts about Apple, and remember, don’t spam.
Applicable to: All

11. Repeition is the key to success
In Sponsored Tweets, you should enable ClickWatch to maximise the number of clicks. ClickWatch enables under performing ads to be retweeted up to a maximum of three times. Also, with MyLikes, You can schedule your ads to appear at a certain time and date with a third-party service. By repeating your ad, you can receive more clicks, and therefore bigger earnings. I personally use Twaitter, but their are other services.
Applicable to: MyLikes, Sponsored Tweets

12. Finally,
Go Above and Beyond Twitter!

Above and Beyond’s music is awesome. Anyways, back to the point. allows you to tweet ads to your MySpace account too, while MyLikes allows you to post your ads to Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Friendfeed, Tumblr and more. Personally, I only tweet ads on Twitter and no where else. Why? Because I don’t like trying to make money off my friends. But if you have a large audience on your Blogger blog, this could be a huge earner.

I like to compare followers/fans/friends as Tensile strength of a structure. Why? If you post too many ads, your followers will reach what I like to compare to the Ultimate Tensile Strength before reaching the Fracture Point. There is a certain balance to between your tweets and ads. If you post too many ads, your followers will stand it up to a certain point (the Ultimate Tensile Strength) until they decide to unfollow / block you (the so-called Fracture Point). So, don’t over-post ads!

If you follow all these steps, you can easily earn $20-$250 a month.

Any problems? Leave a comment below and I’ll personally email/reply you back.


Review: MyLikes, Scam Or Twitter Money Maker?

MyLikes is a brand new Twitter Advertising Network. Again, with all advertising networks, some tend to be scams.

Here’s a quick overview of MyLikes:

MyLikes makes it extremely easy for you to earn money from Twitter ads, regardless of how big or small your number of followers figure is. I understand that the other networks that I have introduced in the past may be more suited to people with large number of followers (e.g. Sponsored where they pay you per tweet. With MyLikes (like RevTwt), they pay you per click. And it’s not just $0.001 per click or something ridiculously low. They pay a whopping $0.5 a click. Two clicks could buy you a McDonald’s burger already.

Here’s something about MyLikes that’s also unheard of in the Twitter Advertising Industry: A $2 minimum payout. Some networks have higher payout rates, which means smaller publishers may have to wait a long time before being able to cash out. That’s not the case with MyLikes.

How do I know it’s not another scam? Well here’s why:
1. I have personally received payment from MyLikes.  Here’s a screenshot of my PayPal payments from MyLikes:

So far I have made $165.97 just from MyLikes ads, from my followers clicking on the links.

This Is NOT a scam.

2. The company MyLikes is actually founded by two ex-Googlers,  the former tech lead for AdSense, Arvind Sundararajan and his wife Bindu Reddy, the former head of product management for Google Apps. That’s right. I told you their names. You could knock on their door demanding your money :)

3. Discloses are compulsory. MyLikes won’t be a company that the FTC will be chasing anything soon for its non-compliance of its rules.

4. Their system only allows you to tweet up to one ad per day. This will cut the chances of you spamming your followers, as well as allowing your account to be potentially suspended by Twitter.

If you sign up for a MyLikes account, you’ll get a chance to win an iPad every month. Sign Up below:

Sign Up for MyLikes

How’s your earnings amount? Tell me in the comments below.


How To: Copy Write for Google’s Panda Update

This is a Guest Post by Margaret Jules.

As with anyone owning a blog, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is extremely important for increasing the traffic to your site. Your rankings in Google can highly affect your traffic rate. Here’s how you can maintain your ranking after Google’s latest Panda Algorithm change, in which sites with low quality content or large amounts of advertising will have lower rankings.

As a site owner, you very well understand the importance of informative content for your site or blog. Google is now seen giving more stress over such content. The latest changes seen in Google’s algorithm under Panda 2.5 seems suggesting that different websites carrying duplicate or low quality content are likely to be penalized by the search engine. This is not a new phenomenon, however, this time you are required to remain more alert for better search results. In this way, the issue of quality copywriting seems to be more relevant in the present context. So, whether you write for your own website or simply are engaged as a professional copywriter, you are supposed to consider the points below to fulfill the demands of Panda 2.5.

Make your goal simple
If you are working for any client, it is better to speak to him or her about their business goal and include them in a form of two or three vital ideas into your main array of content. As per any serious reader’s perspective, customers are simply not interested to get things in a complex fashion; they are keen to see a clear, concise and to the point description of anything the site is catering. For the bots, a simple page layout with minimal outbound links is advisable.

Select keywords with great care
In any smart and witty SEO campaign, you are supposed to decide your keywords with lots of care and caution. The keyword density too has to be monitored; you are supposed to keep it between 1.5 to 3.5 percent. Now, content with overstuffed keywords do not go unnoticed, thanks to the latest strict rules of Panda 2.5. Also, your Meta data and content should match along with eliminating any keyword seen in your headers, titles, and descriptions as these things could be misleading. If you promise your users with something which you do not cater will certainly give low search engine ranking placement. As the days progress, these numbers would turn out to be more relevant in the future update peruse.

Write useful content worth sharing
Now, when you write content for your site, you are supposed to create it worthy for your users to be shared across their network. You are required to integrate your main social network into your web page; hence you are required to write on a regular basis which your target audience wants to read. Now, as you see content being available readily, you are basically advertising your website all the time when you create or write a new content. You are supposed to review your homepage and see whether the content is meant for your target audience and check the way it benefits the people visiting this page. If you see that it fails to cater the audience, you are supposed to change it. Similarly, review your internal web pages of your website and customize it accordingly.

Some other points
Your webpage should have more text than HTML code. This is among the most common mistakes committed by webmasters and designers. Though the real percentage is somewhere irrelevant, yet the number of HTML code would hamper the loading speed of your website which is certainly an important element. Secondly, videos which are commonly seen over different sites should be relevant. Any video which doesn’t match with the content and objective of your site are more likely to be penalized by the latest update of Google.

Wrapping up
The SEO consultants hardly get an edge over one Panda update when suddenly some other latest update embarks and hampers the entire things around. The best solution at this juncture for any competent copywriter is to keep themselves (and their clients) updated. These points discussed above would certainly help you to tame the Panda updates. Meanwhile, keep exploring these things in detail to get penalized by these search engine updates.

About the Author: Margaret is an internet marketer/blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new people and SEO Services. These days she is working on feature that is related to SEO Morpheus that has affected due to recent Google and penguin update.


The Advantages of Shopify as an E-Commerce Platform

For those who are interested in running an online business, there are a number of different ways to go about setting up an e-commerce shop. Some choose to go the self-hosting route, although this can be difficult if you have no background in web design and site optimization. Others will want to use an e-commerce platform, but with the variety of options out there in this department it’s important to narrow down what you are looking for in a program before you sign up.

Examples of the most important features to look for in e-commerce software for internet entrepreneurs is a customizable design, integration with third-party analytics software, and an easy one-page checkout process. Currently used by over 25,000 online stores, the Shopify ecommerce platform is one solution that ticks all of these boxes.

Shopify's Theme Store Selection

Website Set-Up Features
One of the primary benefits of Shopify for those who have never run an online store before is the website wizard feature. This helps walk you through the entire set-up process of the site. There are over 115 different templates that users can choose from, as well as the option of incorporating your own designs. All of these templates are customizable, which is a bonus for those who want the ease of a template without the generic look that some can give. You can add in your own blend of fonts, colours, logos, and layout. Banners and slide shows can be added as well. Internet entrepreneurs need to be on the hunt for ways to stand out from the competition, so customizing your e-commerce website with these tools is important.

Product variants such as sizes and colors are easy to manage.

Management Features
Another useful feature that this software has is the centralized management dashboard, which gives you all the management tools that you need in one place. From here, you can add details to all of the items listed in your inventory, add new items and organize them using the unique “collections” feature, and update images and descriptions. In addition to managing inventory as needed, the platform also allows you to manage your content. Most e-commerce entrepreneurs will want to keep a blog as part of their marketing efforts, for example, and this can be managed through the central dashboard as well without the need to use a separate hosting service.

Integrating a payment system is one of the trickiest aspects of running an e-commerce site. This is a major benefit of using an all-in-one platform like Shopify, which allows you to easily set up a one-step checkout process on the site. You can enable credit card payments online and integrate your site with over 50 payment gateways, including Paypal.

Internet Marketing Features
Users gain assistance with online marketing, with Shopify‘s built-in SEO features. The system has a SEO-friendly CMS that allows customizable H1, title, and meta tags. It also can automatically generate sitemaps, so that when you update your site these changes will show up on search engines quickly. The program can be fully integrated with Google Analytics, and provides a discount coupon engine to give customers defined coupon codes. New users get $100 of Google AdWords credits and $50 credits of Facebook advertising, which means your first 5 months are virtually free with the Basic Plan!

The software also has its own analytics program, to help you track your customers. You can filter a list of clients who have spent the most money in your store, and then use this list for social media and email marketing campaigns. Users also receive statistics regarding who is visiting their shop, where they come from, and how many times they visit.

Whether you are an e-commerce newbie or have more experience in this department, Shopify has many commendable features to help get your business off the ground.

Are you using Shopify? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!


5 Things You Should Correct On LinkedIn

This is a guest post by Margaret Jules.

An online professional profile helps you out in extracting the best of the professional opportunities in
a jiffy. Therefore, many job seekers or people looking for the network development sign up for social
networking sites like LinkedIn to add to their professional advantages. But, unfortunately, these profiles
also need some transparency in the professional and non-professional details, for when it comes to
corporate sectors, hiring managers read into things. If your LinkedIn profile hasn’t helped you out in
achieving a successful professional networking yet, chances are you might be having some loopholes in
your LinkedIn profile page. Here are five things that you need to rectify on LinkedIn right away to ensure
a long-term successful professional networking.

1. No recommendations

If any hiring manager goes through your profile and doesn’t notice even a single recommendation, it
is sure to leave out a bad impression of your professional history. It could even make you look like a
passive employee who hasn’t done anything worth recommendation. Therefore, if your profile isn’t
flooded with some recommendations, say at least 5-6, and then it’s advisable to seek out people you
have worked with or currently working with and ask for their recommendations.

2. Too many recommendations

In the context to receive various recommendations, it is also incumbent not to bestow your profile
with a flood of supported recommendations. It makes a shady impression, as if you have either bought
people to recommend you or you are looking for a job. The absolute fix for this issue is to update your
recommendations by shooting out the former recommendations from your former colleagues, and
asking recommendation from the clients you have recently worked with.

3. Don’t Lie

In order to virtually spruce up your professional history, don’t give out details that don’t hold any truth.
Most of the LinkedIn profile holders fill up their professional and academic details with superfluous
details only to make their profile look mature, attractive and eligible. So, it’s recommended not to
practice it, for you could eventually get caught.

4. Post a picture

It goes without proving that pictures are worth a thousand words. And, for professionals and in the
business world, this adage is very prominent to follow. You must feature a photo in your about me
page that shows what you really look like. This helps in developing uninterrupted communication and
networking with others. However, don’t end up posting an ultra-glamorous, flirty picture unless your
target group is entertainment or broadcasting industry, as it could jeopardize your professional image.

5. Describe your professional specialty

So, you have underlined what your job title is, but, what about your specialty? If you don’t come clear
on what you do from 8-5 during the working days, one can’t actually extract out your professional
specialty. Remember, a blank piece of paper that doesn’t come tagged up with a description is
completely useless. Therefore, share your experience and allow others to have a little sneak-a-peak at
your professional summary.

When it comes down to establish a professional networking or to strengthen the ones you have,
LinkedIn can undoubtedly help you out in umpteenth ways. It is essential, however, to scarp down an
erroneous profile that doesn’t help you at all, and to come clear and concise about your professional
details and inclinations.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and
technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on auto motto. These days she is
busy in writing an article on eco friend.


How To: Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Pinterest: The next social media juggernaut?

This is a Guest Post by Sandra Mason.

Are you interested in significantly driving up the traffic to your blog or business website? Do you want to add a potent tool to your marketing and promotional campaign that will help your brand reach a variety of new users worldwide? If so, you must add Pinterest to your social networking arsenal. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing community that has become the fastest growing website ever. The unprecedented growth of Pinterest has surpassed that of social networking powerhouses Facebook and Twitter at the same time in their development.

Pinterest provides its users a platform to organize, share and disseminate photos and videos found throughout the web. Some of the most common content themes on Pinterest include beauty, fashion, home decor, exotic foods and inspirational items. As you can imagine, these themes cater more to the interests of women rather than men. In fact, 80 percent of all Pinterest users are female.

There are several different ways you can utilize this photo sharing community to really market and promote your blog or business website. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

Join the Community

If you want to use the Pinterest community for marketing and promotional purposes, the first step, of course, is to join the community. You should play around with Pinterest to truly understand how the social networking tool works. You can create your own virtual pinboards that are organized by different categories that interest you. If you are a fashionista, one of your pinboards may be titled “fashion.” This pinboard is likely to be populated with such photos as clothing, shoes and styles that appeal to you. You can follow other Pinterest users who share similar tastes as interests as you. Once you get the hang of Pinterest on your own, you can create a profile for your business or blog.

Attract the Women

As you know, 80 percent of Pinterest users are currently female. Does your business offer products or services that would appeal to women, such as clothing or home decor services? Is your blog niche centered on fashion? If so, you can create eye candy pins that immediately capture the attention of women. If your business has a product to sell that would appeal to women, Pinterest absolutely is the way to go to generate sales. Data analysis has revealed that Pinterest drives both more traffic and sales than Facebook.


They say that variety is the spice of life. It’s no different with Pinterest. It is important that your business or blog’s Pinterest page feature a variety of different attractive and appealing pins. You may want to consider hiring a professional graphic designer to help you create those eye candy pins that will appeal to women. Also, remember that your pins do not have to be limited to just images. You can create video-based pins that showcase satisfied customers using your products. A creative idea is to convert a positive customer testimonial into a text-based pin.

Use the “Pin It” Button

As your business or blog develops a respectable presence on Pinterest, you should add the sleek and stylish “Pin It” button to your site. This will allow users to easily pin appealing content directly to their personal pinboards. This will also increase the number of “re-pins” that you content will receive, which is very similar to backlinking in the SEO world. Essentially, this is an excellent way to get your content and brand out there as much as possible on Pinterest. As you can see, this button will begin to work for itself in no time.

Monitor Analytics

As the owner of a business or blog, you have the ability to track your site’s analytics. You can follow and understand exactly where your traffic is coming from through Pinterest. Whatever seems to be working, do more of it.

Pinterest is hot right now, and getting hotter. You should really consider adding this popular photo-sharing tool to your marketing and promotional campaign.

Sandra Mason is an online English instructor for College City. Sandra is also an avid Pinterest user who has purchased products through promotions on the networking site. Sandra has come to understand how businesses have tapped into Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes.


Great Ways to Use Timeline Cover for Facebook Pages

Bud Light's Facebook Cover.

Bud Light's Facebook Cover.

This is a guest post by Margaret Jules.

The use of social media for internet marketing and promotion has become inevitable due to the
increasing popularity of social networking platforms and the fact that these avenues give marketers
access to a global audience. It is for the marketers to build relationships with their target audience.
Facebook is one such networking platform which boasts of more than 900 million users across the

The timeline cover for Facebook pages gives you an opportunity to use it as a part of your campaign.
Reach out to your target audience and convey your message through a picture. When the use of the
visual medium and aesthetics has become a must-do, all thanks to the emergence of platforms such as
Pinterest and Vimeo, your Facebook page too, amidst other things, can convey a brand message through
a graphic or a picture. Here is how you can make the most of it.

1. Give a hint of your work culture

If the page is meant to give an inkling of the functioning of the organization, the picture can serve as an
appropriate representation of the same. Use pictures that represent interactions among employees,
brainstorming sessions or anything that lies at the core of the work culture of the organization. Let it
represent the effort you put in to bring the best of products and services to your customers.

2. Focus on the best practices of the organization

Through a graphical creative representation or actual pictures from the process, let people take a glance
at what goes on behind the scenes. People have a greater impact than graphics created for effect. Let
people know your organization to build a trust factor.

3. Include people’s feedback

The prominence of social networking platforms in internet marketing and promotion owes it to people
sharing information and making product recommendations. Feedback from a peer counts as a definite
lead for conversion. Let people be the representatives of your products. Let them speak for you through
your Facebook timeline cover.

4. Capture graphics that connect with people

It is invariably the brands that establish an emotional connection with people that succeed in grabbing a
major market share. This is because the brand message is in sync with the needs of the consumer. Make
sure that your timeline cover works towards establishing that connection for you.

5. Create visual representation of the different aspects of your business

Find and capture the aesthetically appealing aspects of your business. Connect with people through
humor in a message. Creativity is the basis of all such initiatives. It forms the core of internet marketing.
Make sure that the work you take up has an impact and your target audience finds more reasons to buy
your products.

Facebook serves as a perfect tool for interacting with clients. Existing and potential customers can
voice their opinion on a product. People can recommend products and share information through their
Facebook profiles. As the social networking site implements changes and makes more avenues available
to marketers, it is for them to devise strategies to maximize the gains.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and
technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on cellphonebeat. These days
she is busy in writing an article on gizmowatch.


Happy 2011 And A Contest

Well that was the end of that decade. Here’s my new year resolution: I seriously need to blog more. I swear to myself that I’m going to blog at least once a month here in 2011. We’ll see about that :) All I can say is that 2010 was a great year in terms of my earnings (I earned slightly more than 2009) although my university course was a load more demanding than I thought, which lead to the demise of blog posts.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

1. Brand New look to
The current blue theme is starting to look outdated. I am currently developing a new, modern look which should appear in February.

2. More blog posts! 
As I stated in my New Year’s resolution, I will try to blog as least once a month.

3. Bigger focus on Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing
Rather than focusing on Internet Marketing, will now focus more on Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing, as well a bit on the Hong Kong start-up scene. Stay tuned.

The Contest!

Oh yeah, there’s a contest to start this year off with a bang. I have a 15 Hip Digital digital music downloads to giveaway. Simply leave a comment below stating your New Year resolution and I’ll randomly pick a winner on January 30th. Good luck! Please use a valid email so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck and Happy New Year!