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September 15, 2009


You know you’re popular when..

by Josh Lam

..someone completely rip-offs your blog post.


Doesn’t that article look exactly my article here? That’s because whoever owns completely ripped it off my blog, without permission at all. There’s not even a link to my blog or article. I only realised it’s been copied by checking the inbound links of, where the PayPal image is hosted in the article.

Meanwhile, I’ve just sent a DMCA takedown notice to Google. Hopefully they’ll take down this website soon.

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  1. Oct 15 2009

    josh dont link to him, just write the link, a link just benefits hes blog on google., just a tip

  2. Sep 15 2009

    ok i will delete this article! i’m sorry for my mistake

    • Oct 17 2009

      Thank You for deleting your article.

  3. Sep 15 2009

    Well done. You are very popular indeed


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