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Happy 2011 And A Contest

Well that was the end of that decade. Here’s my new year resolution: I seriously need to blog more. I swear to myself that I’m going to blog at least once a month here in 2011. We’ll see about that :) All I can say is that 2010 was a great year in terms of my earnings (I earned slightly more than 2009) although my university course was a load more demanding than I thought, which lead to the demise of blog posts.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

1. Brand New look to
The current blue theme is starting to look outdated. I am currently developing a new, modern look which should appear in February.

2. More blog posts! 
As I stated in my New Year’s resolution, I will try to blog as least once a month.

3. Bigger focus on Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing
Rather than focusing on Internet Marketing, will now focus more on Entrepreneurship and Social Media Marketing, as well a bit on the Hong Kong start-up scene. Stay tuned.

The Contest!

Oh yeah, there’s a contest to start this year off with a bang. I have a 15 Hip Digital digital music downloads to giveaway. Simply leave a comment below stating your New Year resolution and I’ll randomly pick a winner on January 30th. Good luck! Please use a valid email so I can contact you if you win.

Good luck and Happy New Year!


I Got A Free iPod for Christmas..

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy Holidays!

I got the new iPod nano for free from, Russia’s biggest Social Network. I used my Social Media presence to get it, as usual. And it’s awesome. Blows my iPod touch aside. Seriously. The video camera quality is pretty good for it’s size, and the built-in FM Radio and Pedometer is a bonus.I love how the Pedometer syncs with the Nike+ Active online service, shown below. It has to be the most motivating thing for you to ditch your car and start walking everywhere. Even more than you wife, yes.

Alright. Back to the Making Money Online part. Let’s just say I’ve made more this December than I am ever made in any other month.

P.S. My iPod is better than John Chow’s Kindle for Christmas :)

What did you get for Christmas?


You know you’re popular when..

..someone completely rip-offs your blog post.


Doesn’t that article look exactly my article here? That’s because whoever owns completely ripped it off my blog, without permission at all. There’s not even a link to my blog or article. I only realised it’s been copied by checking the inbound links of, where the PayPal image is hosted in the article.

Meanwhile, I’ve just sent a DMCA takedown notice to Google. Hopefully they’ll take down this website soon.


I’ve made my First $1000 Online!

That’s right, today, the 1th of August is a milestone! I’ve made a total of US$1058.77 from the Internet (With absolutely no initial investment at all!) It only seemed like yesterday that I’ve made my first ever $100 on the 8th March 2009, with my first Google AdSense cheque. Remember, this is not an instant feat; I started all the way back in October last year. There’s no thing in life that’s completely instant (even ramen takes 3 minutes to cook). I can teach you how to be like me, but in the end, it all comes down to your patience.

So what’s next? My next goal is to reach $10,000 by next year, which is a lot of money. No I’m not money crazy like the guy it the picture above :), as I haven’t even spent much of my money yet, except for bills to keep my website going, and lending money to help friends start their own websites as well.

Oh well, I’m going to have a new blog post soon about how I made $1000 online. Watch out for it, meanwhile, do me a favor and subscribe to my blog :)

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I Just Acquired

Yepp, it’s official.

Along with my business partner, Stanley Tang, I’m pleased to announce that we have just acquired the blog, from Jason Pereira, another great Young Internet Entrepreneur. As this blog is about Young Entrepreneurs, it’s obviously a great blog for both Stanley and myself to continue – we’re both Young Entrepreneurs ourselves.

No, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging on this blog. But it does mean that I’m going to convert this blog from a “Tech News” blog to something more about myself – a personal journal being a Young Internet Entrepreneur.

I have great ideas for both Josh’s Blog and The University Kid, watch out for them! Don’t blink otherwise you’re miss out!

P.S. The new design is currently being tested :)
P.P.S I’ve got a free eBook planned, as a gift to all of Josh’s Blog readers coming soon! Stay tuned!

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New RSS address! Please Update!

If you’re reading this in a RSS reader, you’re cool! No need to change anything else!

But if you’re reading this at, please update your RSS reader as we changed our feed address to:

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New domain, New Look, New Josh’s Blog!

In case you haven’t noticed, Josh’s Blog is now located at:

Instead of the previously ugly BlogSpot subdomain

Also, I’ll like to tell you guys that a new design is coming in a few weeks time! Stay tuned, and if you haven’t susccribe to my feed below to keep up with the latest Tech News! I understand that there hasn’t been much news for some time, but that’s going to change right now.


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Where’s the TECH NEWS??

I’m sorry guys. I’m currently on my Geography field trip studying Rivers and Development. This, obviously, doesn’t give me much time to blog, if any time at all. The field trip data collected will then be used for my coursework, which is pretty important as it’s 25% of my final grade.

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