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10 Reasons Why You Should Make Money Online

1. Treat It As A Supplementary Income
You can always Make Money Online as a hobby at first, supplementing your real, offline job. Even if you become redundant, you’ve got yourself an income, albeit a small one at first.

2. No Initial Investment
You could start off with a free Blogger blog – it doesn’t cost you anything to start one up, except for a bit of time. Remember, time=money. The more time you spend creating your blog, the more (likely) you’ll make more money online. It’s a balance of being a couch potato on your computer all day (like ShoeMoney was) and earning thousands, or having a life and still making some money online.

3. No/Extremely Low Overheads
My overheads are exactly $7.65 per month, which is basically just the hosting and domain cost. Now compare that to starting your own McDonald’s franchise or shop, what are your overheads there? I would estimate that to be in the range of $10,000 and upwards. Now imagine what happens when you lose all your money and need to declare bankruptcy? Even if you decide to quit blogging after a while, the loss wouldn’t have of amounted to a large sum.

4. Exponential Income
My overheads have roughly stayed the same over the past few years, although my profits have risen in an exponential manner.

5. High Profit Margins
Because of your low overheads, you tend to make up to 98% of your money coming it. Your overheads are that small.

6. Show Off To Your Friends
Not many people can proudly say that Made Money Online (successfully with a profit) to their friends.  This is one of my favorite quotes:

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

It may cost you a lot of your time in the beginning (something that the majority of people are not willing to invest in), but the end rewards are huge and satisfying.

7. Only Basic Knowledge is required
Making Money Online as an investment is relatively easy to do – anyone with a bit of a technical knowledge and a bit of business know-how can easily be profitable. In fact a lot of information can be available freely online, free of charge. A simple Google search will do the job. The one basic rule that I’ve always stuck to is to never let your overheads be higher than your profits. It’s simple but it works.

8. On Autopilot
Once you’ve got your “system” running, whether its a blog, site or app, the income will keep rolling in, even after a few months of not working on it. To be honest, this blog post is the first in a year – partly due to my laziness and the amount of money still rolling in without writing anything.

9. Low Cash-Out Amount
Many companies require you to reach a certain threshold before they make a payment to you. In the online (especially the advertising and affiliate industry), these rates are normally really low, at around $50 or less. This makes it easier for just about anyone to hop on the boat and join the party. Even though your first income may be small, don’t give up. It will be double or triple that in a matter of months.

10. Easier To Evade Tax 🙂
You are legally responsible to declare your income to your relevant tax authority. Yes, obviously it’s easier to evade taxes online than offline. It is obvious that you can select a country other than the United States, making the (usually US-based advertising companies) ineligible to “reduce” your income with tax. You may start to feel guilty however, when you’re filling out your W-8BEN IRS form, instead of the W-9 :).

But as someone living in Hong Kong, I am not charged any Profits Tax. It is clearly stated by my Inland Revenue Department:

No tax is levied on profits arising abroad, even if they are remitted to Hong Kong.

Read your local laws first!


What’s next? Where do I start? Head over to my Make Money Online page.

Start NOW!
You may never Make Money Online within your first week, month or even year. I was paid my first check after 7(!) months of blogging, earning nothing during these 7 months. Now, I make over 10 times that amount every month.

P.S. NEVER EVER buy an eBook online. They’re all scams. Everything they tell you in them can be found online, free of charge.


Make Money Tweeting The Pro Way

If you’ve been here before, I wrote an awesome post before comparing all the Twitter Advertising networks. Here’s a few tips on how you can earn even more with these networks. I have personally received over $1200 from these networks, so I can assure you that these aren’t scams.

1. Gotta join ’em all!
That’s right. I suggest that you should sign up for all 13 of the networks, even if you don’t consider tweeting ads from all of them. Why? Sometimes, great opportunities are usually only available from an advertiser to one network only. If you can’t be bothered to sign up for all of them, just sign up for, Sponsored Tweets & MyLikes. These are the top networks.

2. Fill her up!
When joining these networks, make sure you fully enter in all your profile details, especially when choosing your Categories in MyLikes and, and entering the tags in Sponsored Tweets. This is important as many advertisers look for tweeters by searching for keywords and categories.
Applicable to: All

3. Sound like yourself!
“Yo homies check out this rad app!” might not get you many clicks if you usually tweet in a formal tone & manner. Only some networks allow you to customize the message before posting it. Also you can encourage more clicks by using vocabulary such as “Click here:” or “Check it out:” before the link.
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes

4. Keep it in the family!
Keep the ads related to your account CPC. When creating accounts, keep different accounts focused on one central topic. For example, an account called @realabsfitness will generally be about fitness and exercise, and not the latest iPods. This way, you’ll get more targeted ads and therefore, more clicks.
Applicable to: All

5. We no speak Americano!
The majority of twitter users are from the United States. Unsurprisingly, most ads target and cater to users in the U.S. You can check where the majority of your followers are located using Analytics‘ Location Overlay map. If the majority of your followers are from the United States, that’s great. If not, you should check on indivdual offers as some offers may only count clicks from United States.
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes

6. Pick the ads with the highest CPC rate
This is obvious. You should always pick the adverts with the highest Cost Per Click (CPC) rate. For example, I get paid up to $0. 48 per click on MyLikes because I choose the right advertisers. You can do the same. With 2 clicks from my followers, I can already buy a burger from McDonald’s.
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets, MyLikes

7. Check your email often! and MyLikes will notify you of new opportunites via email. For, these are often time limited to 24 hours. So stick close to your phone or computer! You could be missing out on opportunities!
Applicable to:, MyLikes

8. Accept all (cost per tweet) offers
I’ve received offers ranging from $20 to $300 per tweet. I’ve accepted all of them. This only applies to Cost Per Tweet ads (, Sponsored Tweets) as you typically earn more than Cost Per Click ads (MyLikes).
Applicable to: Sponsored Tweets,

9. What time is it?

If possble, try to tweet at 1PM Eastern Standard Time, or at least within 11AM to 3PM EST. According to Sysmos, this is when the most Twitter activity happens during the day. You can get more clicks when there are more people on twitter at one time. Only MyLikes allows you to specific what time to post the ads.

Twitter is most active on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, and the least active on on the weekends. If every tweets while at work, I wonder if the productivity level has decreased 🙂
Applicable to: MyLikes

10. Multiple accounts
If you’re planning to have multiple accounts to tweet more ads, make sure you differentiate into different topics to maximize your earnings. Don’t just have 10 different accounts about Apple, and remember, don’t spam.
Applicable to: All

11. Repeition is the key to success
In Sponsored Tweets, you should enable ClickWatch to maximise the number of clicks. ClickWatch enables under performing ads to be retweeted up to a maximum of three times. Also, with MyLikes, You can schedule your ads to appear at a certain time and date with a third-party service. By repeating your ad, you can receive more clicks, and therefore bigger earnings. I personally use Twaitter, but their are other services.
Applicable to: MyLikes, Sponsored Tweets

12. Finally,
Go Above and Beyond Twitter!

Above and Beyond’s music is awesome. Anyways, back to the point. allows you to tweet ads to your MySpace account too, while MyLikes allows you to post your ads to Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Friendfeed, Tumblr and more. Personally, I only tweet ads on Twitter and no where else. Why? Because I don’t like trying to make money off my friends. But if you have a large audience on your Blogger blog, this could be a huge earner.

I like to compare followers/fans/friends as Tensile strength of a structure. Why? If you post too many ads, your followers will reach what I like to compare to the Ultimate Tensile Strength before reaching the Fracture Point. There is a certain balance to between your tweets and ads. If you post too many ads, your followers will stand it up to a certain point (the Ultimate Tensile Strength) until they decide to unfollow / block you (the so-called Fracture Point). So, don’t over-post ads!

If you follow all these steps, you can easily earn $20-$250 a month.

Any problems? Leave a comment below and I’ll personally email/reply you back.


America Is Based On False Opportunities

Josh Here: If you liked this post, please leave a comment!

No, this is nothing racist. Or a scapegoat, as a matter of fact. But in times of recession, many people are looking for alternative ways of making money. Of course, the majority find themselves trying to Make Money Online.

Here’s the typical scenario: You buy some eBook online priced at $27, $47 or $97 (these are the best converting prices) promising you thousands can me earned online easily, with little or no effort. You finish reading the book, and starting signing up for Web Hosting, a domain and install WordPress (probably through affiliate links in the eBook) and place a few AdSense ads on your blog. You write a few blog posts, and give up. Where’s the little effort the eBook promised?

Blogging is hard. Seriously. Admit it. I’ll admit it’s hard.

You give up and wasted $250 on your hosting. Yes, some people can make thousands while they’re sleeping, but it does require (a lot of) effort, at least initially. In my case, I’ve made nothing for 9 months until my first AdSense cheque. Nowadays, I’ve made the same amount, if not more, in one month then I did in 9 months. Your income experiences geometric growth, and not a linear growth.

The great America Dream – this was the idea of opportunity of Italian immigrants in the 18th century, with the dream of jobs and money. The first glimpse of the American Dream for 8 million immigrants coming through Ellis Island was the Statue of Liberty – which represents freedom, liberty, justice and friendship. Did the Italian immigrants experience true freedom and justice? Not really.

The Californian Gold Rush is another great example of a false opportunity. Again, it’s the idea of copycats. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. People following others. Yes, the early gold miners (aka the 49-er’s) did find gold and got rich quick. But when the 300,000 people followed in their footsteps, the place was over saturated with gold miners. Most of the easily extracted gold (mainly by panning) was already collected by early gold miners. So, many often gained little (if anything at all) from the Gold Rush. Is this the real California Dream? I don’t think so.

So how does this relate to the Internet? Or being an Entrepreneur?

Look at Twitter. It’s an innovation in communication. Yet with all innovation comes the copycats. Look at Jaiku and Pownce, Twitter’s main competitors in 2008. Where are they now? Pownce is in the deadpool, and Jaiku is pretty much dead, except for the (small) Finnish population, where the founders are from. It’s now been sold to Google, whose interests are in Twitter, not Jaiku. After all, Google does have 42 Twitter accounts.

What about all those Facebook copies? Look at StudiVZ, a German Facebook clone. Facebook is now Germany’s biggest Social Network. In July Facebook had nearly 6.2 million unique users in Germany, by contrast StudiVZ had only 4.28 million uniques. On the contrast, is still Russian’s biggest social network (it’s the 2nd most visited website in Russia), while Facebook is the 30th. Big difference? Yes, especially when Russia is the 9th biggest country by population size.

You need innovation to succeed.  Copying some hot Web2.0 Social Network (or a trend) will get you no where. The same goes for Making Money Online. You can envy John Chow or Shoemoney, but it’ll get you no where. You need to be committed to what you’re doing. If not, you’re wasting you time. Shoemoney may make $400 for a tweet while I make $100 a tweet using Sponsored Tweets, it’s still a beginning. A beginning to a great success.

To your success,
Josh Lam


16 Essential iPhone Apps For Internet Entrepreneurs

The App Store has over 170,000 Apps. Not all of them make farting noises, but can actually be helpful when you Make Money Online while on the go. Here are my favorites, which I probably use all of them on a daily basis. Examples include apps that let you connect with others (like Bump, Facebook & Twitter), pay money on the go (like PayPal, Mint & Square) and Business Dashboards that help you view your data anywhere, anytime (like Ego & Analytics App).

PayPal (Free)

In case you have no idea what PayPal is, it’s a service that allows you to send and receive money online. It’s usually the preferred payout method to most Internet Entrepreneurs, being the most widely used one online. Away from your computer? Is your hosting bill due? Simply use the PayPal app to pay for the bill. After all, you don’t want to lost your site just because you haven’t paid your bills! iTunes Link Personal Finance (Free)

Did you overspend? If you haven’t signed up for, you should. It’s a free online tool which helps you to manage your money. Now, with an iPhone app, Mint allows you to check your Bank Account Balance and budgets, on the go. No more logging in at Mint also allows you to budget your spending per month, For example, Mint will alert me when I’m over my $20 monthly budget for software.  Mint can also alert you if there’s a large deposit / withdraw in your account, which doubles as a security alert. Getting budgeting software could help manager your finances, as well as possibly help save you more money in the long run. iTunes Link


Ego ($1.99)

Yes, everyone has an ego. My blog’s better than yours. I have more followers than you on Twitter. Well, you can’t prove it without stats, can you? That’s exactly what Ego does, in an elegant interface. Your stats, at one glance. Ego supports data from Google Analytics, Mint, Google PageRank, FeedBurner subscribers, Twitter followers and SquareSpace. iTunes Link


Analytics App ($6.99)

It’s a tad bit expensive, but  if Ego’s Google Analytics statistics aren’t good enough for you, there’s always the Analytics App. I daresay, unless you’re a serious stats junkie and want to know your average bounce rate for the 21st week into 345 hours of the year, you wouldn’t need this. iTunes Link


WordPress (Free)

Blogging, on the go. Sweet!  With the earlier versions, I always had trouble logging in with my credentials. The current version (2.4 at the time of writing), finally works, allowing me to login with no problems. It can also support multiple WordPress installations, moderate comments, edit pages and posts. It requires a WordPress blog running 2.9.2 or above. iTunes Link


Twitter for iPhone (Free)

Twitter for iPhone, previously known as Tweetie 2, is one of the best (if not the best) Twitter client for the iPhone. There is support for saved searches, trends, geotagging, retweets and lists. If you’re an iPhone user still using the web interface, you’re missing out not using this app. Tweetie has one of the most gorgeous interfaces I’ve ever seen. iTunes Link


Evernote (Free)

Your Notes. Anywhere. What more can I say? If I have an idea, I quickly add it to my Evernote on my iPod. When I get back to my computer, the note would have synced to my computer already, ready for me to work on the idea. Forget all those napkin drawings. This blog post idea was actually noted using Evernote. iTunes Link


Facebook (Free)

This is a no brainer really. Yes, it’s an app for Social Networking. But with the recent v3.0 update to the iPhone Facebook App, the new app now supports Facebook Pages, which allows me to check and post updates to my Facebook page on the go. For example, here’s the Josh Lam Fan Page on FacebookiTunes Link


quickofficeproQuickOffice Pro ($9.99 for iPhone)

QickOffice allows you to create, edit, access and share Microsoft Office files. One of the best things about QuickOffice is that it was actually designed for the iPhone with multi-touch gestures. Not only can you edit Word documents, but you can also edit Excel workbooks, as well as PowerPoint presentations with full functionality. iTunes Link

goodreader Goodreader for iPhone ($4.99 for iPhone)
The name says it all. This has to be one of the best PDF readers in the App Store. Unlike Apple’s iBooks application which only provides basic functionatlies with PDF’s, Goodreader is famed for its ability to handle huge PDF and TXT files without any problems at all. You can also access files from iDisk, Dropbox, SugarSync, Email servers and more. Not only does it view PDF files, it can also support Microsoft Office files, iWork ’08/’09, .webarchives, High resolution images, audio and video files. iTunes Link
dropboxlogoDropbox (Free)
Simply install their Dropbox application on your PC/Mac/Linux computer. It’ll install a folder called a “Dropbox”. Simply drag any file into it and it’ll show up on your iPhone and other devices. Simple, fast and free too. You’ll need a free account first though, sign up here. There’s also the ability to save files for offline viewing, if you’re in an area with spotty 3G or no Wi-Fi. iTunes Link
screensScreens ($19.99)
For those programs without an app or an easy to use web interface, a VNC program is the solution. VNC apps with allow you to reach your computer, as if you were sitting in front of it. Although there are free alternatives available (Mocha VNC Lite), they are not as polished and easy to use as Screens. iTunes Link

bumpBump (Free)
Say goodbye to Business Cards. With Bump, simply bump your phone with a new friend’s phone to exchange contact info, photos, messages, locations etc. You can even be friends on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with a single bump. iTunes Link

sqaureSquare (Free)
Square will allow you to  accept credit cards anywhere without a contract. This app can be used by everyone, whether you’re a business or an individual making a sale. It’s safe and secure – this app and its services meets all industry-standard security practices. iTunes Link

wunderlistWunderlist (Free)
A To-do List. The App Store has thousands of these. But what makes this one so special is the fact that’s User Interface is so beautiful and uncluttered, and yet it’s completely free. It will allow you to sync your lists to multiple devices, as well as their website. iTunes Link

And while we’re on the subject of the iPhone, has a mobile version. Simply enter in your iPhone browser. An iPad version is coming soon 🙂

Do you use any of the above apps? Which apps do you use? Share with me in the comments below.

To Your Success,


Josh Lam


Review: MyLikes, Scam Or Twitter Money Maker?

MyLikes is a brand new Twitter Advertising Network. Again, with all advertising networks, some tend to be scams.

Here’s a quick overview of MyLikes:

MyLikes makes it extremely easy for you to earn money from Twitter ads, regardless of how big or small your number of followers figure is. I understand that the other networks that I have introduced in the past may be more suited to people with large number of followers (e.g. Sponsored where they pay you per tweet. With MyLikes (like RevTwt), they pay you per click. And it’s not just $0.001 per click or something ridiculously low. They pay a whopping $0.5 a click. Two clicks could buy you a McDonald’s burger already.

Here’s something about MyLikes that’s also unheard of in the Twitter Advertising Industry: A $2 minimum payout. Some networks have higher payout rates, which means smaller publishers may have to wait a long time before being able to cash out. That’s not the case with MyLikes.

How do I know it’s not another scam? Well here’s why:
1. I have personally received payment from MyLikes.  Here’s a screenshot of my PayPal payments from MyLikes:

So far I have made $165.97 just from MyLikes ads, from my followers clicking on the links.

This Is NOT a scam.

2. The company MyLikes is actually founded by two ex-Googlers,  the former tech lead for AdSense, Arvind Sundararajan and his wife Bindu Reddy, the former head of product management for Google Apps. That’s right. I told you their names. You could knock on their door demanding your money 🙂

3. Discloses are compulsory. MyLikes won’t be a company that the FTC will be chasing anything soon for its non-compliance of its rules.

4. Their system only allows you to tweet up to one ad per day. This will cut the chances of you spamming your followers, as well as allowing your account to be potentially suspended by Twitter.

If you sign up for a MyLikes account, you’ll get a chance to win an iPad every month. Sign Up below:

Sign Up for MyLikes

How’s your earnings amount? Tell me in the comments below.


Three Steps to Make Money Online and Beat the Recession

Josh here: Happy New Year guys, thanks for all your awesome support over 2009. Have a great 2010, and here’s the first blog post of the year! Want to Guest Post? Contact me.

This is a guest post by Danny Topping.dollarsign

Since 2007, the world economy has been going downhill with banks and large corporations needing help and many companies closing their doors. As a result, many people have lots their jobs, and thus a way to bring home money to support their families. Lots of folks have found since then that the ability to make money online will help supplement an income or in many cases replace it all together. People have learned ways to make money online and quit their full time jobs.

This is not easy to do, but can be done with three simple steps.

First, one must do some research. There are many business and money making opportunities on the internet and it would serve you best to research this first. Go to websites that you like and follow people who are successful at making money on the internet. Follow what they do, watch them for the changes they make to their websites, blogs, videos, and press releases. This should show you how they make money online and it is important to constantly be thinking about what they are doing, and if you think it could be something you do also.

Second, copy and replicate those who are successful on the internet by planning. Learn how they make money online, and stalk them. You cannot be successful if you are not copying and replicating those who have gotten there first. In this step, decisions must be made. Things like signing up for opportunities, paying entry fees or starter package fees, and creating accounts with blogs and videos and article sites. Do not expect to be generating income in this step. This is the game plan and the starting point for where you will be taking your online endeavors. Do not do too much in this stage because you will end up getting burnt out and you will not make money online.

Third and lastly, you must take action on your plan. Whether it is writing articles, creating videos, posting to blogs, or sending postcards you must take action in order to receive results. Do not expect to just sit back and relax at this stage but once things get going and moving in the right direction, your plan will get easier to do as you master it and do it over and over. This is where you will make money online and watch the cash roll in.

Danny Topping is an Internet Marketing guru and is loving the Home Income Alliance opportunity by teaching you how to make money online. You can learn more by visiting his website at:

If you want to stop working for someone else and finally start working for yourself by making money online, go to:


Comparison: The 13 Twitter Advertising Networks (Update)

Make Money by Tweeting Adverts

1. MyLikes – So Far I’ve made $226.78
MyLikes is a new advertising network created by two ex-Google employees as an advertising alternative to Google’s AdSense. MyLikes allows you to create “Likes” of certain products. Advertisers can then allow publishers to post “Sponsored Likes” on to their twitter account as a tweet (as well as Blogger blogs posts). MyLikes is currently the best advertising network for those with a low number of followers, as the payout amount is an industry-low of just $2. Instead of trying to reach $50 or even $100 just to cash out to PayPal, any small publishers can rely on MyLikes. The payments are also automatic, meaning that you won’t have to manually request a payout. The average cost per click is $0.48 – this means you only need 5 clicks per ad to cash out to PayPal! That’s amazingly easy.
Recommended for Twitter accounts with low number of followers.

2. Sponsored Tweets – So far I’ve made $612.13
SponTwtsSponsored Tweets is IZEA’s brand new advertising network. IZEA is a social media marketing company and the world leader in sponsored conversations. IZEA operates a network of over 250000 bloggers and 25000 advertisers. Izea has numerous sponsored advertising networks prior to SponsoredTweets, including PayPerPost and SocialSpark. This being said, SponsoredTweets is geared more towards Web Celebrities like John Chow and Shoemoney, although smaller tweeters will still get opportunities.
Recommended for those with high number of followers (ie. 10,000+).

3. – S0 far I’ve made $1490.88, not to be confused with below, is the latest Twitter Advertising network, having just launched on the 22nd of September. Again, similar to Sponsored Tweets above, this service mostly caters to highend advertisers (my two advertisers were Microsoft and NBC) wanting to connect with celebrities and other high-end Twitter users. In fact, founder and CEO Sean Rad says that he wants to be the Federated Media for Twitter. They have an impressive list of high-profile celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Brooke Burke, Nicole Richie, Brody Jenner, Dr. Drew and Samantha Ronson.
Recommended for those with high number of followers (ie. 10,000+).

4. TwittAd – So far I’ve made $817.72
TwittAd is the original (and the first) Twitter advertising network. Currently, the payment system Twittadis “Pay Per Opportunity”,where you sell your background and allow 3 advertising tweet on your twitter account for a sett time (usually 7 days). Although there aren’t many opportunities, once in a while an opportunity once pop up, and it can be quite high paying too (one was $100! for just 7 days).
Recommended for those with a medium number of followers (ie. in the thousands).

5. RevTwt – So far I’ve made $165.99
Although RevTwt‘s website does look like a scam, I’ll admit it’s not a scam. RevTwt advertising are placed as a tweet, which is displayed on your Twitter Profile. There are no disclaimers for the ads, so your followers may find it hard to distinguish between ads and real tweets. Unlike Magpie though, RevTwt pays per click, not per view (a.k.a. Pay-Per-Tweet). This allows the system to be more open to click fraud, similar to Google AdSense, although their system in place seems to be able to detect fraud pretty well, by looking at RevTwt’s Twitter profile. If you have over 8,000 followers, you become part of RevTwt‘s Elite program, with higher paying ads up to $0.20 per click. Normal adverts pays around $0.05 per click.
Update: MyLikes’ average is $0.48 per click. You can earn 5 times more with MyLikes compared with RevTwt.

6. Be-A-Magpie – So far I’ve made $429.70
Be-A-Magpie, a company located in Germany, places relevant advert “tweets” which are placed along with your existing tweets. They pay according to 4 different models: pay per view, pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale. Just like any other Entrepreneurial Teenager would do, I signed up for this service (with a sub account) to experiment with it. At first, the adverts were about Magpie itself, or Magpie’s parent company’s other product called Stock Pilot. And then I discovered they paid an extremely high €20-30 per pay-per-view tweet. You can cash out after you reach €50. Now, simple maths can tell you that with only 2 magpie tweets, you can get up to €50 in your PayPal already! So you might be asking, I made $429.70 (or €323.90) from something as simple as this? Well, it’s the truth. Read the blog post about Magpie, with the PayPal payment proof.
Update: Seems pretty inactive now. I’m not receiving any more ads from Magpie.

7. PayMeTweets
PayMeTweets pays you to retweet sponsors. In my opinion, they pay so ridiculously  low (less than $0.100 CPM per retweet, or less than $0.10 per 1000 followers) it’s not even worth it. With my @joshlam account (with 45,000+ followers), the ads pay $0.20-$0.80, which is really low when compared to Sponsored Tweets ($110 per tweet) or Magpie (€32/$46 per tweet).

8. TweetROI
Unlike PayMeTweets,  the payment terms are more reasonable. The highest tweet pays $2.5, and with a $50 payout, this isn’t too bad. Similarly to the other smaller advertising networks, there doesn’t seem like many opportunities available.

9. AdCause
AdCause is a Twitter advertising network with a twist. They allow you to donate a portion (or all of) your earnings to a specific charity of your choice. While this seems like a good idea, there doesn’t seem like a load of advertisers on this network once again.

10. twiverttwivert
Twivert is a Pay Per Click advertising network, similar to RevTwt above. On average, the payment terms is $0.01 per click. Sign up though this promotional link to get a $5 bonus. Overall, the payout is one of the lowest compared to the other networks, although the earning potential seems quite low.

Make money by Shortening URL’s

11. or “AdFly” is a Pay-Per-Impression advertising network. Unlike other networks, shows an ad while your visitor is being transfer to their link – which might be an annoyance to your followers. Payment is based on CPM, with up to $1.5CPM for US visitors to $0.50CPM for International Visitors. View this sample shortened link where an ad (in my case this was simply‘s website) is shown before being redirected to Notice the “Skip Ad” button at the top right.

12. Tweetbucks
Tweetbucks allow you to make money via affiliate links, abet Tweetbucks will take a portion of the affiliate earnings per sale. To tweetbucksbe honest, this is really a lazy man’s way to not signing up to ClickBank, Commission Junction or Amazon Associates and just create the links yourself. By signing up to these networks yourself, no third-party will take a portion of your earnings, which will mean more money for you.

Those shortened URL’s contain an iFrame which contains ads. The payouts are quite low compared to the two other service I mentioned above. I only suggest using Adjix if you have a large base of followers, otherwise you’ll find it quite hard to monetize this service. Personally, I don’t actually like this service much.

(14. Revtwt)
Revtwt has been previously mentioned above as a Pay-Per-Click network, but they also allow you to make money by Shortening Links.



As much as I’ll like to promote some of these companies, I have to shame some companies as well.  These companies are unlikely to pay you any money, even though you’ve tweeted their ads. Do not sign up for these networks. Here’s the list:

YakBurst is a scam. They will not pay you any requested funds from your account.  It states that payments will be made from the 1st to the 15th every month. I’ve still haven’t received a singly payment from them yet from a request made 2 months ago.

I am currently reviewing the following sites:,, As soon as I get accepted / paid I will add them here.


shortened URL’s contain an iFrame which contains ads. The payouts are quite low compared to the two other service I metioned above. I
only suggest using Adjix if you have a large base of followers, otherwise you’ll find it quite hard to monetize this service. Personally, I don’t actually like this service much.

NetworkAdvertisting ModelDisclourseReferral Program?Mininium PayoutPayment Options
MyLikesPay Per ClickRequired, Shown as: #adYes$2PayPal
Sponsored TweetsPay Per TweetRequired, CustomizeableNo$50PayPal
Ad.lyPay Per TweetRequired, Shown as: (Ad)Yes$50PayPal, check
RevTwtPay Per ClickNoneYes$20PayPal, check at $100
TwittAdPay Per "Opportunity" (usually 3 tweets and your background)RequiredYes$30PayPal
Be-a-MagpiePay Per Lead and Pay Per TweetRequired, but CustomYes€ 50PayPal
AdCausePay Per "Opportunity"NoneNo$25PayPal
Pay Me TweetsPay Per TweetNoneNo$50PayPal
TweetROIPay Per TweetNoneNo$50PayPal
twivertPay Per ClickNoneNo$30PayPal
adf.lyPay Per ImpressionNoneYes$25PayPal
tweetbucksPay Per LeadNoneYes$25PayPal
adjixPay Per ImpressionNoneNo$25Cheque


16/05/2011 Update 3: Updated earnings amount, Currently Reviewing List.
18/04/2010 Update 2: Added MyLikes, new jQuery sortable table and updated earnings amount
20/10/2010 Update 1: Added and updated new earnings amount


How I Made $429.70 By Doing Almost Nothing On Twitter

7th Jan Update: Magpie used to be a great money-maker. But there doesn’t seem to be any advertisers anymore. Visit this blog post comparing 12 Twitter Advertising Networks to join other networks.

Okay, I lied. I didn’t just use Twitter. I signed up for Magpie as well.

So what is Magpie? As many of you know, there’s currently a controversial new Twitter Advertising Company called Magpie, a company located in Germany. Magpie places relevant advert “tweets” which are placed along with your existing tweets. They pay according to 4 different models: pay per view, pay-per-click, pay per lead and pay per sale. Many people don’t like having adverts in

Just like any other Entrepreneurial Teenager would do, I signed up for this service (with a sub account) to experiment with it. At first, the adverts were about Magpie itself, or Magpie’s parent company’s other product called Stock Pilot. And then I discovered they paid an extremely high €20-30 per pay-per-view tweet. You can cash out after you reach €50. Now, simple maths can tell you that with only 2 magpie tweets, you can get up to €50 in your PayPal already! An example of the tweets are shown below.

So you might be asking, I made $429.70 (or €323.90) from something as simple as this? Well, it’s the truth. Check out my PayPal history:

Magpie Payments on PayPal

Not Bad. So that’s all there is to the Magpie program. There’s so little work involved, anyone could earn a few euros with no experience.

I know Twitter  is for real people, and asks the question “What are you doing right now?”, not “What are you advertising right now? “.  But these magpie are actually relevant to your normal tweets, making them less like “advertising”, and sometimes they make it hard for someone to realize if it’s an ad or a real tweet.

Therefore, I’m closing the experiment down. But if you’ll like to experiment with Magpie and prehaps earn a few dollars euros, I suggest you to sign up for Magpie. Who knows, you might even get a few hundreds euros just like me!

Tell me how Magpie worked out for you in the comments! I’ll love to know! 🙂