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How To: Copy Write for Google’s Panda Update

This is a Guest Post by Margaret Jules.

As with anyone owning a blog, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is extremely important for increasing the traffic to your site. Your rankings in Google can highly affect your traffic rate. Here’s how you can maintain your ranking after Google’s latest Panda Algorithm change, in which sites with low quality content or large amounts of advertising will have lower rankings.

As a site owner, you very well understand the importance of informative content for your site or blog. Google is now seen giving more stress over such content. The latest changes seen in Google’s algorithm under Panda 2.5 seems suggesting that different websites carrying duplicate or low quality content are likely to be penalized by the search engine. This is not a new phenomenon, however, this time you are required to remain more alert for better search results. In this way, the issue of quality copywriting seems to be more relevant in the present context. So, whether you write for your own website or simply are engaged as a professional copywriter, you are supposed to consider the points below to fulfill the demands of Panda 2.5.

Make your goal simple
If you are working for any client, it is better to speak to him or her about their business goal and include them in a form of two or three vital ideas into your main array of content. As per any serious reader’s perspective, customers are simply not interested to get things in a complex fashion; they are keen to see a clear, concise and to the point description of anything the site is catering. For the bots, a simple page layout with minimal outbound links is advisable.

Select keywords with great care
In any smart and witty SEO campaign, you are supposed to decide your keywords with lots of care and caution. The keyword density too has to be monitored; you are supposed to keep it between 1.5 to 3.5 percent. Now, content with overstuffed keywords do not go unnoticed, thanks to the latest strict rules of Panda 2.5. Also, your Meta data and content should match along with eliminating any keyword seen in your headers, titles, and descriptions as these things could be misleading. If you promise your users with something which you do not cater will certainly give low search engine ranking placement. As the days progress, these numbers would turn out to be more relevant in the future update peruse.

Write useful content worth sharing
Now, when you write content for your site, you are supposed to create it worthy for your users to be shared across their network. You are required to integrate your main social network into your web page; hence you are required to write on a regular basis which your target audience wants to read. Now, as you see content being available readily, you are basically advertising your website all the time when you create or write a new content. You are supposed to review your homepage and see whether the content is meant for your target audience and check the way it benefits the people visiting this page. If you see that it fails to cater the audience, you are supposed to change it. Similarly, review your internal web pages of your website and customize it accordingly.

Some other points
Your webpage should have more text than HTML code. This is among the most common mistakes committed by webmasters and designers. Though the real percentage is somewhere irrelevant, yet the number of HTML code would hamper the loading speed of your website which is certainly an important element. Secondly, videos which are commonly seen over different sites should be relevant. Any video which doesn’t match with the content and objective of your site are more likely to be penalized by the latest update of Google.

Wrapping up
The SEO consultants hardly get an edge over one Panda update when suddenly some other latest update embarks and hampers the entire things around. The best solution at this juncture for any competent copywriter is to keep themselves (and their clients) updated. These points discussed above would certainly help you to tame the Panda updates. Meanwhile, keep exploring these things in detail to get penalized by these search engine updates.

About the Author: Margaret is an internet marketer/blogger. She loves travelling, meeting new people and SEO Services. These days she is working on feature that is related to SEO Morpheus that has affected due to recent Google and penguin update.