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How To: Make Your Content more Share-Friendly


If you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating great content for your website, you’ll want to make sure it gets read. One of the most common ways to promote blog or website content is with social media. The idea is that your content will not only be read and distributed amongst your direct network of followers, but that they will then share this with their own friends and followers. If your content gets shared, it could reach a potentially unlimited online audience. While writing quality content is one way to encourage this process, there are a few other factors to take into consideration that could make your posts more likely to be shared.

Proofread your Work 

You might have some great ideas, but these will get muddled if your post is filled with grammar problems and spelling errors. Although your core readership will overlook the occasional typo, your work will be far less likely to be shared if it’s riddled with errors. Take the time to proofread your work before posting.

Write about Current Topics

Today’s most viral content is timely and topical. If you have a great idea for a story based on current events but sit on it for a month, it will get lost in the shuffle. Posting frequently is a great way to build your readership, and recording your initial thoughts and reactions to current events will help you keep up with the fast pace of online conversations. This will help you to ensure that your content is not only based on keyword research, but actually relevant to your readers and their followers.

Use Catchy Titles

Modern readers tend to scan news websites and blogs, looking for titles that sound interesting. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re crafting your content. Boring, generic titles will get lost in the crowd so it’s worth taking the time to create a title that will pull readers in and make them more likely to share.

Add Eye-Catching Images

Images are a great way to make your work more reader-friendly and visually appealing. They can make your post look more professional, and can be used to illustrate a point or add humour to your article. To make the post more sharable, be sure to keep image formatting consistent for a clean and professional look.

Include Meta Descriptions and Hashtags

When your post is shared by a social media user, it will include a short description of the post pulled in from your URL’s meta description. Although this is only a small component of on page SEO, it can be important in social media because it serves as a summary to viewers. You could also think about adding an event hashtag or a reader’s Twitter handle within the title to give added visibility and encourage sharing.


Incorporate Social Media Buttons

One of the easiest ways to encourage your readers to share content is by making it as easy as possible for them. Placing social media sharing buttons with direct links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn encourages your visitors to share content with their friends at the click of a button.

With a combination of carefully thought out titles, appealing images, and timely topics, you can be sure to reel in your visitors and create the kind of content they’ll be happy to share.

What do you do to make your content more share friendly? Share it in the comments below.



How To: Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Pinterest: The next social media juggernaut?

This is a Guest Post by Sandra Mason.

Are you interested in significantly driving up the traffic to your blog or business website? Do you want to add a potent tool to your marketing and promotional campaign that will help your brand reach a variety of new users worldwide? If so, you must add Pinterest to your social networking arsenal. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing community that has become the fastest growing website ever. The unprecedented growth of Pinterest has surpassed that of social networking powerhouses Facebook and Twitter at the same time in their development.

Pinterest provides its users a platform to organize, share and disseminate photos and videos found throughout the web. Some of the most common content themes on Pinterest include beauty, fashion, home decor, exotic foods and inspirational items. As you can imagine, these themes cater more to the interests of women rather than men. In fact, 80 percent of all Pinterest users are female.

There are several different ways you can utilize this photo sharing community to really market and promote your blog or business website. Let’s take a look at some of these ways.

Join the Community

If you want to use the Pinterest community for marketing and promotional purposes, the first step, of course, is to join the community. You should play around with Pinterest to truly understand how the social networking tool works. You can create your own virtual pinboards that are organized by different categories that interest you. If you are a fashionista, one of your pinboards may be titled “fashion.” This pinboard is likely to be populated with such photos as clothing, shoes and styles that appeal to you. You can follow other Pinterest users who share similar tastes as interests as you. Once you get the hang of Pinterest on your own, you can create a profile for your business or blog.

Attract the Women

As you know, 80 percent of Pinterest users are currently female. Does your business offer products or services that would appeal to women, such as clothing or home decor services? Is your blog niche centered on fashion? If so, you can create eye candy pins that immediately capture the attention of women. If your business has a product to sell that would appeal to women, Pinterest absolutely is the way to go to generate sales. Data analysis has revealed that Pinterest drives both more traffic and sales than Facebook.


They say that variety is the spice of life. It’s no different with Pinterest. It is important that your business or blog’s Pinterest page feature a variety of different attractive and appealing pins. You may want to consider hiring a professional graphic designer to help you create those eye candy pins that will appeal to women. Also, remember that your pins do not have to be limited to just images. You can create video-based pins that showcase satisfied customers using your products. A creative idea is to convert a positive customer testimonial into a text-based pin.

Use the “Pin It” Button

As your business or blog develops a respectable presence on Pinterest, you should add the sleek and stylish “Pin It” button to your site. This will allow users to easily pin appealing content directly to their personal pinboards. This will also increase the number of “re-pins” that you content will receive, which is very similar to backlinking in the SEO world. Essentially, this is an excellent way to get your content and brand out there as much as possible on Pinterest. As you can see, this button will begin to work for itself in no time.

Monitor Analytics

As the owner of a business or blog, you have the ability to track your site’s analytics. You can follow and understand exactly where your traffic is coming from through Pinterest. Whatever seems to be working, do more of it.

Pinterest is hot right now, and getting hotter. You should really consider adding this popular photo-sharing tool to your marketing and promotional campaign.

Sandra Mason is an online English instructor for College City. Sandra is also an avid Pinterest user who has purchased products through promotions on the networking site. Sandra has come to understand how businesses have tapped into Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes.