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Great Ways to Use Timeline Cover for Facebook Pages

Bud Light's Facebook Cover.

Bud Light's Facebook Cover.

This is a guest post by Margaret Jules.

The use of social media for internet marketing and promotion has become inevitable due to the
increasing popularity of social networking platforms and the fact that these avenues give marketers
access to a global audience. It is for the marketers to build relationships with their target audience.
Facebook is one such networking platform which boasts of more than 900 million users across the

The timeline cover for Facebook pages gives you an opportunity to use it as a part of your campaign.
Reach out to your target audience and convey your message through a picture. When the use of the
visual medium and aesthetics has become a must-do, all thanks to the emergence of platforms such as
Pinterest and Vimeo, your Facebook page too, amidst other things, can convey a brand message through
a graphic or a picture. Here is how you can make the most of it.

1. Give a hint of your work culture

If the page is meant to give an inkling of the functioning of the organization, the picture can serve as an
appropriate representation of the same. Use pictures that represent interactions among employees,
brainstorming sessions or anything that lies at the core of the work culture of the organization. Let it
represent the effort you put in to bring the best of products and services to your customers.

2. Focus on the best practices of the organization

Through a graphical creative representation or actual pictures from the process, let people take a glance
at what goes on behind the scenes. People have a greater impact than graphics created for effect. Let
people know your organization to build a trust factor.

3. Include people’s feedback

The prominence of social networking platforms in internet marketing and promotion owes it to people
sharing information and making product recommendations. Feedback from a peer counts as a definite
lead for conversion. Let people be the representatives of your products. Let them speak for you through
your Facebook timeline cover.

4. Capture graphics that connect with people

It is invariably the brands that establish an emotional connection with people that succeed in grabbing a
major market share. This is because the brand message is in sync with the needs of the consumer. Make
sure that your timeline cover works towards establishing that connection for you.

5. Create visual representation of the different aspects of your business

Find and capture the aesthetically appealing aspects of your business. Connect with people through
humor in a message. Creativity is the basis of all such initiatives. It forms the core of internet marketing.
Make sure that the work you take up has an impact and your target audience finds more reasons to buy
your products.

Facebook serves as a perfect tool for interacting with clients. Existing and potential customers can
voice their opinion on a product. People can recommend products and share information through their
Facebook profiles. As the social networking site implements changes and makes more avenues available
to marketers, it is for them to devise strategies to maximize the gains.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and
technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on cellphonebeat. These days
she is busy in writing an article on gizmowatch.


Official Facebook App for Windows Mobile! (Download Links)

Remember all those Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots with a Facebook App? Well, XDA developers had just extracted this app from WM6.5 into a standalone app for your Social Networking pleasure.

The application has been reported to work on WVGA, VGA and QVGA devices. You need to download and install the application to Device (Do NOT INSTALL on storage card); be patient at first run as it will take some time to download all the information it needs. While it’s a new application from an early Windows Mobile 6.5 beta, there are still some problems reported like not saving login info even if “save info” is checked, not showing friends IDs if they are not one of your friends. More screenshots below.

Download Directly HERE
I know, it’s still a little buggy right now, but if you suscribe to this blog, you’ll get to know when there’s an update!

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How to: Integrate Facebook Connect with your Blog in 8 minutes

Now that Facebook Connect has been released to the public, you’ll want your blog to be like TechCrunch too with their Facebook Connect Integration into their comments system. So how? This video from Facebook Developers will show you how.

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Google Chrome and Safari: Facebook is a Phishing Site

Conspiracy theory lovers are going to have a field day with this one: when you try to accessFacebook using the Google Chrome browser today, you’ll get a warning that the social network may in fact be a phishing site.
You can still use the site if you click the button to continue, but you can also go ‘back to safety’. It worked fine for me until earlier this morning.
Is everyone seeing this?

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