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Windows 7 RC Download now available!

It’s here. the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Get yours here. It’s valid for one year, till June 10th 2010. 

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LEAKED Images of Zune HD!

An anonymous leaker sent Engadget these images..

Josh’s Verdict: Do you know where all my pocket money is going to go now? It looks so sweet! Microsoft should had launched a touch screen Zune ages ago. But knowing Microsoft, it won’t be available in Hong Kong… 🙁

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Second Microsoft Laptop Hunters Ad: Giampaulo

Well, so much for the redhead Lauren. Here comes Giampaulo: a tech savvy guy who calls Macs “so sexy”, except in the end, he rejects Macs calling them “all aesthetics and brand with no computing power”. Anyways, once again, just like Lauren, he picked an HP with a $1,500 budget. He picked the HP HDX 16 with 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB drive, which would cost him $2,499 from Apple. Check out the video here: 

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Official Facebook App for Windows Mobile! (Download Links)

Remember all those Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots with a Facebook App? Well, XDA developers had just extracted this app from WM6.5 into a standalone app for your Social Networking pleasure.

The application has been reported to work on WVGA, VGA and QVGA devices. You need to download and install the application to Device (Do NOT INSTALL on storage card); be patient at first run as it will take some time to download all the information it needs. While it’s a new application from an early Windows Mobile 6.5 beta, there are still some problems reported like not saving login info even if “save info” is checked, not showing friends IDs if they are not one of your friends. More screenshots below.

Download Directly HERE
I know, it’s still a little buggy right now, but if you suscribe to this blog, you’ll get to know when there’s an update!

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Rumor: Windows 7 Release Candidate on April 10th

Whoa. Time flies. We gave you the direct download links. We taught you how to get a Beta Key. Now, multiple sites, including Ars Technica and, are claiming that the Release Candidate will be a public one, and be released on April 10th. The Release Candidate will have the build 7048, while the first public beta version had a build number of 7000. 

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Mobile World Congress: Microsoft Roundup

Microsoft announced four major new products at Mobile World Congress: Microsoft Recite, Microsoft My Phone, Microsoft Windows Marketplace and most important of all, Windows Mobile 6.5.

Microsoft Recite
First of all, Microsoft released a Technology Review of their new voice note taking app for Windows Mobile 6.0 and above. The special thing about this app though, is the ability to search your previously recorded notes with just your voice. Remember, it’s not a final product yet, and Microsoft is looking for your feedback.  Read

Microsoft My Phone
As previously seen, Microsoft My Phone is a private beta MobileMe-like syncing service for Windows Mobile  phones. If you want to enter the beta, register here.

Microsoft Windows Marketplace
Everyone’s copying Apple’s App Store. Seriously. Microsoft announced Windows Marketplace, a unified storefront for the over 20,000 Windows Mobile applications. As rumored, that means you’ll be able to get apps directly from your phone, and Microsoft has also promised new and better tools for developers in the future. 

Windows Mobile 6.5
Last but not least, the most important announcement of all. Microsoft announces the new Windows Mobile: 6.5.The latest rendition of Microsoft’s mobile platform puts an emphasis on touch-friendliness with a honeycomb-style main menu that the company says is easier to finger than a traditional grid layout; a new lock screen that can be slid on different alerts to automatically call up texts, voicemails, and so on; a thoroughly-restyled cut of Internet Explorer Mobile that features a touchable zoom slider and frequently-used commands; redesigned menus that don’t need a stylus to actuate; fingerable home and contacts screens, and more. It’s not the thorough gutting of the platform many were hoping for, but for anyone thinking that Windows Mobile 6.1 can stand another facelift without ending up looking like Joan Rivers, 6.5’s clearly your baby. Sadly, Microsoft’s saying that no devices in the market today will receive official 6.5 updates, but don’t pull out your wallets just yet, though – the first devices with Windows Mobile 6.5 preinstalled should be available in the fourth quarter of the year.

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I’M A PC and I’m 4 and a Half!

Yes, another I’M A PC ad is going to air today ( Sunday). Kylie, this little 4.5 years old girl, is going to show us that she can send her parents a picture of a fish with Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Josh’s Verdict: So Microsoft is now using a 4.5 year old girl to make me buy a PC?

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Microsoft My Phone: MobileMe-like sync for Windows Mobile

Looks like that’s the trend: Online Cloud Storage. Remember Eee Storage? And we all know Apple’s MobileMe’s service, which syncs everything to the cloud. Well, now it looks like Microsoft is trying to do the same thing with Windows Mobile Phones, rather than with computers. Microsoft has launched a sneak-peek website called “My Phone”, which contains quite a lot of information.
A description of the service used to be at, but now, visiting will redirect you to the My Phone page.

According to the website, My Phone will allow you to store data, including photos, videos, text messages and calendar items in a password-protected area, inaccessible to anyone but yourself (and Microsoft employees). If you ever get a new phone (like one of the new cell phones T-Mobile has released), or your phone gets stolen, you’ll be able to sync to “My Phone” and all your data from your old phone can sync to your new phone. Sweet.
Microsoft My Phone enables you to view and manage phone information by using a web browser. In your web account, you can add, edit, and delete contacts and calendar appointments, and the changes will appear on your phone the next time that you sync.

Microsoft will offer more details about My Phone at the Mobile World Congress trade show in mid-February, said a Microsoft spokesman. The service will be available at that time as a limited, invitation-only beta, he said.

Microsoft won’t be charging a cent for this service (cough, Apple), although the storage size is at a crippling 200MB only.

Josh’s Verdict: Sounds Awesome, except my WM5 won’t be getting this, it’s WM6 only 🙁
Wait a second, doesn’t Microsoft have Windows Live SkyDrive (thus the old name SkyBox)? And Live Mesh as well? Too much overlapping here. Seriously.

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